Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"The Face in the Mirror" Creepypasta

When I was younger, I was best friends with this girl... hmm, let's call her Laura for the purposes of this story. We were friends for almost a decade. We used to go over each other's houses a lot.

I remember one particular time when we were at Laura's house, she was talking about how she had to do a report for school about some woman. I remember that Laura did not want to work on the assignment, and she wanted an easy way to get all of the information that she needed. She suggested that we should try some sort of ritual that lets you talk to the dead. We were only thirteen or so at the time, so we didn't always think things through.

Anyway, I can't fully remember the ritual, but I'll try my best. I know that we needed a room with a light source and a mirror. We chose to go to a bathroom. We turned off the light. I remember looking at my face intensely. Your face is supposed to change into the face of the person you're trying to contact. We said the name of the person we wanted to contact thirty times. I don't remember the name of the person at the moment, so I'll just make up a name: Molly Smith. As we said her name, I continued to look at my face. It suddenly began to change. My skin turned darker and my face aged by a few decades. I began to see wrinkles form on my face. I'm a person of European descent, but suddenly my face began to look like the face of an older African American woman.

"Do you see this?" I asked Laura.

"Uhuh! Turn the light on, turn the light on!" she answered back. I could hear the stress in her voice.

I was the one closest to the light switch. I turned the light on and looked in the mirror. The other face was gone.

We left the bathroom and went downstairs. I remember being scared.
Suddenly, Laura began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked. I felt annoyed at her.

"I just remembered something," she said. "Molly Smith isn't dead!" she continued to laugh. I don't think that she understood why this was a bad thing for us at the moment.

"Laura, if Molly Smith is alive, then who did we see in the mirror?"

Laura stopped laughing when she realized the meaning of my words. We never did any rituals again.

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