Friday, June 17, 2016

About My Book Never Free

I want to talk about my book and what it's about. Here's the book description to get you started:

Lana is a young woman with the power to see the past when she touches certain objects. When she meets Jake, it is not love at first sight. Thanks to some misunderstandings, the two slowly develop a romance. However, Lana begins to suspect that Jake is hiding something from her. When one of Jake's secrets is revealed, Lana meets William, and she cannot help but feel unnaturally attracted to him. Was he someone that she knew in a past life? Soon, William invades almost every aspect of her life, even appearing in her dreams. Will this attraction be the death of her? Will her love with Jake survive? Can she keep her family and friends safe?

This book was written because of a literal dream that I had. In this dream, I was hanging out with a friend from high school. She had a brother our age. I had a crush on him, but he always seemed mean, cold, and distant to me. I thought that he didn't like me. It turns out that he had a crush on me. However, my friend and her family were supernatural creatures who ate human flesh. I don't really remember much from the dream at this point; this was years ago already.

Anyway, I decided to write a story about my dream. The original story was way different than what Never Free is now.

For my book, I wanted to have a heroine who is strong and who can think and act for herself. She does not need someone else to save her constantly. However, I also wanted her to have weaknesses and I wanted there to be interesting reasons as to why she has those weaknesses. She does rely on other people at times.

As I mentioned, Lana has the power to see the past when she touches certain objects. This ability has a large impact on the plot. The book has several instances where Lana touches objects and then learns something either about her past lives or about the people she knows. Lana also loves history and is a history major. I am a history major as well and a lot of what I have learned inside and outside of school influences the book. Lana also likes to paint a lot. She hangs out with her friends and sister a lot. She also wants to change the world, but she isn't sure how. This influences some events in the book.

I also didn't do the whole love-at-first-sight thing, but I didn't make the characters hate each other either. I just made them get to know each other. I also made the bad guy of the story have actual reasoning and planning behind his actions. There are explanations for why he acts the way he does.

I made up my own creatures for this book. The creatures are called Bösen. The closest thing to a Bösen would be a vampire, but they are very different from vampires. They can live to be up to five hundred years old, they start to age slower around age twenty, they need to eat human flesh at least once a year, they can also drink human blood to try to keep some of the hunger away, and someone can be turned into a Bösen by drinking a lot of their blood.

You can purchase Never Free on Amazon. If you have any questions about my book, feel free to leave a comment!

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