Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hello everyone! I thought I'd start off with an introduction.

My name is Paulina. I am in my twenties. I am Polish and I live in New Jersey.

I will be using this blog for a few different things. I will be talking about my own book and about writing in general. I will be posting reviews of books, movies, and video games. I will also be posting about random things.

I have written my own novel called "Never Free" which is available on Amazon. Here is what it is about:
"Lana is a young woman with the power to see the past when she touches certain objects. When she meets Jake, it is not love at first sight. Thanks to some misunderstandings, the two slowly develop a romance. However, Lana begins to suspect that Jake is hiding something from her. When one of Jake's secrets is revealed, Lana meets William, and she cannot help but feel unnaturally attracted to him. Was he someone that she knew in a past life? Soon, William invades almost every aspect of her life, even appearing in her dreams. Will this attraction be the death of her? Will her love with Jake survive? Can she keep her family and friends safe?"
The book is available for $2.99 on Kindle, free with Kindle Unlimited, and $12.99 for a printed book.

Thank you to anyone who reads my blog or my book! Feel free to leave any comments!